Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Welcome to the newly created adventure blog of Mike "Nano" Chamoun and Joel "Starvin' Puck" Peach.

This July, we're going to through-hike the entire 483-mile Colorado Trail. It starts at Chatfield State Park in Denver and cruises to Durango in the southwestern corner of the state. Along the way we'll travel among eight mountain ranges, seven national forests, six wilderness areas and five river systems.

We'll also summit the second highest mountain in the continental United States (Mt. Elbert). We climbed the highest one (Mt. Whitney) when we met up last year hiking the John Muir Trail.

Here you'll see information about our itinerary as well as the gear we're buying, gear we're making, and food we're preparing for the trail.

We share a philosophy of making overland travel as simple as possible to maximize enjoyment of the incredible scenery we're hiking so far to see. And we hope to share that with you.

Welcome to the adventure.

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