Saturday, June 16, 2007

CT Gear List Spreadsheet

This is still incomplete because I still need to acquire my backpack and weigh it. I included a rough estimate of what it should be when I get it. All it takes is some creativity and the will to trust yourself and your equipment to achieve a light weight pack. When the base weight gets below 10 pounds it's all a matter of personal preference of how low you want to go because the fact is that it's really not going to matter on a physical level. However, having that type of mentality is a great asset in backpacking and in life.

Going light makes a world of difference when you're out there on the trail. Not just from a lighter load standpoint, but from the fact that it's a much simpler lifestyle. Mostly everything is a necessity so therefore you frequently use them and some of them have double uses. You become expert in using what you have and you realize that you need nothing more. It's a very liberating way to live knowing how little material one needs. You just have to know how to efficiently use everything you bring with you while not compromising your safety. The resources are out there! This is not about ego, but about being simple.

This philosophy can be transfered over into your daily life which may help reduce the unnecessary stress we have been placing on ourselves and this earth.

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