Monday, July 2, 2007

The power of cheese...

I want to post some recipes for all of you out there in blog land, but I'm still waiting for some nutritional information to roll in.

I've utilized some ingredients from a local spice shop in Denver, but they're being stingy with the nutritional information for the cheese powders they sell. I've been a customer of theirs for nearly a year and in the past three months I've asked them for this information at least half a dozen times.

In the most recent exchange:

"Do you have the nutritional info for your Romano and Cheddar cheese powders?" I ask.

"I don't, but you can probably Google it," she replies.

"Right, but the weight depends upon the amount of water extracted. Do you know the manufacturer?"

"Yeah, but I can't tell you."

I mean, seriously. What the fuck is that? Does she think that if she lets the name of the manufacturer out I'm going to be compelled to circumvent them and buy 5 pound bags of cheese powder so that I can get pricing comparable to theirs?

In the end, she told me that if I emailed her she could look up the nutritional information that the owner said was floating around somewhere.

Update: I have the nutritional information and will be posting it along with the recipes soon!

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